Friday, September 13, 2013


Sony Roy
When you are proven wrong you must make amends, but when you are proven right, make peace.  Don't fight when you're right, lay down your sword and shield and study wars no more. 

When you make peace, it does not mean you loose you rights to compensations, it simply means you stop arguing when others recognize your rights.  You are not after tarnishing the reputation of others but you want them to recognize their nefarious actions, their mistakes or errors.  When you are proven tights, it comes out clear even after nine years that you have been right always.

PEACE IS THE CONTRARY TO LOSING IN COURT.  What is the point to arguing when you are right?  What is the point to citing and reciting legal lingos when you are right?  What is the point to writing long motions when you have over five Hundred violations against your opponents?  Drop your swords and shield now. 

To me, the Country is more important than my personal aggrandizement. 

To me, Congress was more illustrious than my personal gain. 

To me, The President's tenure around the globe is more important than my own reputation. 

To me RACIAL HARMONY is more relevant than being right all my life in court. 

To me, the JUDICIAL is more grand and visible than my personal attractions and allurements.  DROP IT GOD SAID and keep only the liable party liable and reduce the stake. 

So let's get on with the business of the Judicial,.  Let's turn to another page, it is not the major Government that dd this.  The U.N. resolutions were not broken.  Let's deal with the actors that used the Court's Inherent powers toward injustice.  the Court did not do that. The actors did and they acquiesced with one another .  Therefore, instead of charging them with Conspiracy to entangle the Court's scarce Judicial resources, I instead in the breakdown charged them with ATTEMPT TO COMMIT AN ACT and sometimes charged them with the commission of the act also as one can clearly see and I am in Propria Persona.  

SONY ROY is a native Haitian and a United States Citizen and a Faithful Democrat.  He is the FIRST BLACK CASTLE CITY DESIGNER and DEVELOPER IN America and in the world as the current record states.